Typography: Whaling in Japan

 Uncovering Perspectives: Whaling in Japan Magazine


Timeline: 8 weeks

Deliverable: Printed publication that explores and environmental issue

My Roles: Typographer, Layout Designer

Tools: Adobe inDesign, Adobe Photoshop

The Japanese whaling industry is full of exploited loopholes, but that’s not how everyone sees it.

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communicating through type

Recent attention to Japan’s whaling policies has caused global uproar in activists. Japan uses legal loopholes to allow commercial whaling under the guise of research. But some Japanese argue that Western practices are just as offensive. Is contained whaling any worse than factory farming, for example? Using a grid system and typographical consideration, I shed light on this issue by compiling four articles that provide legal, journalistic, and cultural perspectives in a publication called The Dive.

The blue is meant to symbolize the ocean, while the pink is a softer approach for Japan’s red flag. To de-sensationalize the issue, a duotone of blue and pink was applied to otherwise graphic images of dead whales and whale meat. A piece of pink vellum was attached to the outside cover, over a picture of a “research” whaling ship, to suggest the uncovering of perspectives around the issue. Similar treatment is present throughout the issue by overlaying pink on top of the photos. I constructed a careful grid system to ensure cohesion across all spreads.

The final booklet was printed on specialty paper and saddle stitched.

Read the full volume here.