Hi! I'm Caroline, an Austin-based designer.

I love using the power of design and design thinking to solve problems. I’ll leave the pixel-perfect prototype to someone else; what I love is synthesizing research and findings, creating tools like personas and journey maps, crafting insights, and mocking up the first stages of an experience that makes someone else’s day easier. You could say that I’m passionate, but to be more precise, these parts of the design process release endorphins.

I’m a bit of a wildcard. My degrees are in design and Japanese, with a minor in English and a certificate in Design Thinking Strategies. My background in English makes me a strong communicator (read: count on me for good emails) who loves telling a compelling story. Japan’s rich visual history and efficient everyday systems are something I experienced firsthand when I lived in Osaka last summer. And my training in design thinking, specifically IBM’s design language and methodology, helps me think through problems with a focused lens.

When I’m not working, you can find me baking and coercing people into eating my sweets (trick: lie about the butter content). I also like fashion, beauty, reading, writing, and organizing things to a fault. Seriously, my sock drawer looks straight out of a Mari Kondo ad.

I’m on the search for internships or contract work. Have an opportunity in mind? I’d love to talk. You can reach me at rockcarolinek@gmail.com